Contributions Required: The Robert Lee Rush Foundation is devoted to their mission, and is working to expand their efforts through an expansion of their contributions. The Foundation has an enlightened view of what happens when young adults are given the opportunity to succeed, and believes that a donation of any kind to RLRF is a prudent contribution to the future of many at-risk young adults.

In consideration of the four key projects that the Robert Lee Rush Foundation will initiate in the near future to the benefit of participating at-risk young adults, the Foundation is seeking contributions of $1,895,000 for 2013. This collective figure is immense, yet so is the positive impact these projects will have on the lives of the participating at-risk young adults.

Financial support is a very clear need for the Foundation, yet RLRF is also very receptive to donations of any kind—especially ones applicable to the particular projects.

A Director of Fundraising Initiatives: This individual will lead the effort in coordinating specific fundraising initiatives on behalf of RWE and the RLR Foundation. They will also recruit and direct other volunteers in support of their efforts. RWE and RLR have identified several initiatives to pursue, (listed below), but would also like to empower this Director to develop their own fundraising initiatives.

  • A screenplay contest that will run until the end of the year. This contest separates itself from others in 2 ways: A) All proceeds will be donated to our charities, B) The 5 final judges will be producers (with legitimate credits), managers (with legitimate sales), or financiers (with legitimate track records) who have requested a specific genre to read. Two have signed up already: a producer who wants romantic comedies, and a financier who wants faith/family films. We need those who can recruit more judges and we also need readers for the initial rounds
  • RWE is partnered with, an auction website that caters to people who wish to have great experiences. What raises the most at their site are celebrity meet and greets (via set visits or table reads or events), plus sporting events (good seats plus meeting with a player or management/coach). We want those who can facilitate these kinds of special experiences so that we can auction them at CharityBuzz
  • We want someone with wealth management experience to help strategically create accounts and methods for fundraising opportunities
  • T-Shirt sales. Kids in the RWE Program have designed T-Shirts. We need someone to coordinate all efforts into making this a viable product (production, sales/marketing)
  • E-book sales. Stephen Kogon (RWE’s founder and executive director) has written an e-book based on the curriculum of the RWE program. This $5 ebook will help kids become better writers. We need someone to coordinate all efforts into making this a viable product (sales/marketing).