This individual will lead the effort in coordinating events on behalf of RWE and the RLR Foundation. They will also recruit and direct other volunteers in support of their efforts. The most immediate event is “The Funny Bunch Variety Show,” a live show to happen in October 2011 (the goal is for it to ultimately be a family friendly television show that will also showcase some of the imaginations and creative writing talents of children.)

The show will consist of kids (ages 7-14) acting and writing in comedy sketches, and performing choreographed dance routines. There will also be two songs by celebrity singers.

To make this event even more special, the writing skills of two of the second graders who have gone through the RWE literacy program will be showcased. This will show all kids that if they learn how to write and read they could possibly see the fruits of their imaginations either on stage or on the screen! How exciting is that?

Areas where help is needed to make “The Funny Bunch Variety Show” a reality are:

  1. Location recruitment: A theatre or other (500 or more people) to hold the show in the greater Los Angeles area.
  2. Corporation recruitment: We want to partner with corporate entities such as Toys “R” Us and others to sponsor the show (and ultimately the TV show). Partnerships could include providing space to hold auditions in their stores for finding child acting talent for the show, to other forms of sponsorship.
  3. Backstage recruitment: We’ll need stage managers and sound/lighting help.
  4. Salespeople recruitment: The show will need sales/marketing/publicity help.
  5. Creative community recruitment: The show will benefit greatly by having talent and literary agents/managers, plus film/TV producers, contributing their talents and expertise.
  6. Legal recruitment: There may be contracts with vendors, theatres, talent, etc. where we’ll need legal experience to help with these contracts.
  7. Celebrity talent recruitment: We want the show to feature a performance from one or two celebrity singers. Also some celebrity actors to appear in some sketches with the children, and celebrity choreographers to put together short dance routines in between sketches.