A Director of Community Fundraisers: This individual will lead the effort in coordinating community fundraising events on behalf of RWE and the RLR Foundation. They will also recruit and direct other volunteers in support of their efforts. RWE and RLR have identified some possible ideas (listed below), but would also like to empower this Director to develop their own fundraising ideas.

  • ABC Fundraising (http://www.abcfundraising.com/) has wonderful fundraisers with no upfront costs that are perfect for communities (discount books, fun spinners, DVDs, Candles, Pretzels, etc.). We need someone to coordinate all efforts and to recruit as many volunteers as possible to utilize ABC’s offerings
  • Restaurants like Panda Express, Shakey’s, California Pizza Kitchen, and others donate proceeds to 501c3’s on sponsored nights. We need someone to organize these “dineouts” in many different locations, and coordinate an outreach for people to go to these restaurants on the sponsored nights (must use fliers to get the donations). Some of these “dineouts” can include entertainment (magicians, comedians, etc) provided by the RLR Foundation and others.
  • Bake sales: These are perfect for those who love baking cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc. This is also a great opportunity for someone who enjoys being active in their community and putting on events like this.