Project Overview

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As a renewable source of power, solar energy truly encompasses a key part of the future, and the Robert Lee Rush Foundation has identified the industry as a real opportunity for young adults to learn the tools to be successful in a global industry with a bright future.

RLRF’s Solar Technician Program will provide industry-specific training to under-served youth in the basic responsibilities of an entry-level technician—taught in a hands-on setting by certified trainers. The classes focus on the basic PV skill applications required by an entry-level worker.

The solar technician program provides expert training in both technical and solar electric servicing—starting with introductory courses before tackling more advanced concepts (including the procedures for servicing and troubleshooting solar electric systems).

This program implements a holistic approach that emphasizes how these young adults can build continuous success, while enhancing the participants’ ability to exceed their own expectations in any environment.

contact phone number: 213-305-4461