Satan’s Game is a docudrama that RLRF will make, in order to give young adults an education of what is in store for them if they try drugs like cocaine, methamphetamines, or heroin. With the support of the CDC and numerous other organizations, Satan’s Game will demonstrate how these drugs chemically alter the human brain to foster addiction and dependency. The plan is to educate before temptation strikes, empower through education—to enrich and enhance young adults’ drug-free future.

As with the Father’s Day project, the production of this documentary will be valuable to the foundation in four key ways—(1) it will give some young adults the opportunity to join the production team as production assistants (a valuable experience that looks great on any resume); (2) the production itself will introduce these young adults to individuals that have experienced the repercussions of illegal drug use—and want nothing more than to keep others from falling into the same trap; (3) these young adults will be interviewed on camera throughout the project, and will be able to see their own growth through the production; and (4) the Robert Lee Rush Foundation will be able to promote their cause through introducing this documentary that deals with the damaging effects of illegal drug use on all aspects of a life.