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One Week Acting and Film Making Program

A Faith Based Creative Program Located in Monrovia California

The best way to help others understand who God is and the power of Jesus is to tell your story…

Never, has there been a time that story telling from a Faith Perspective has been more important. We as Christians, do need a voice, that will shout to the roof top our testimony. Our testimony of triumphs and temptations, and seasons of waiting. And in doing so will create understanding and give hope to those who are telling the story just as much as those who listen.

It’s Simple…

By utilizing the entertainment industry, one of the most effective tools we have, to spread the gospel, Christians and people of faith have a unique opportunity to share their story for everyone to hear and see. That is what the Enrich, Empower, Create – The Faith Based Acting and Filmmaking Program is all about.

By teaching the basics in acting and film making with a Christian perspective, we aspire to “Enrich the lives of Christian filmmakers, Empower the Dream of telling faith based stories and Inspire them to be bold in their creativity and faith, to Create A Truth from a story that is in us all.”

About the Program –

Located in Monrovia California, The Faith Based Acting and Film Making Program will help challenge participants understanding of their faith and foster creativity. The program will give beginning and intermediate students the knowledge they need in acting and film making to use what they have; an idea, a story, friends and a camera (it may be a camera phone), to create their own story of testimony. It will give students an opportunity to collectively work together and tell their stories about how life and faith connect.

In the acting and filmmaking program, participates will learn the basics in acting and filmmaking. They will learn behind the scenes, and what it takes to create and make a short film, by making a short film!

At the end of the acting and film program we will have a screening of the completed work(s) of the program participants.

For more information and to sign-up for our One Week Acting and Film Making Program contact us today!