RLRF is committed to empowering young adults to build a better tomorrow, and considers Marine Technology School (MTS) to be an imperative opportunity to develop for young adults. MTS is a product of Robert Lee Rush’s love of the ocean and the extensive research and planning of Rick Miller and Jack Frost. They have found that there is a great need for traditional boat building skills, yacht and boat restorations, and high-technology boating instrumentation upgrades (including computerized engines, GPS navigation, WiFi systems, and ambient lighting & sound).

Marine technology has been advancing in recent years, and RLRF is prepared to introduce young people to this exciting opportunity, providing them with the skills necessary for being successful in the growing global industry. Mr. Miller identified an expert in the L.A. area that will work with RLRF to build the MTS, while also working to build, implement, and facilitate this valuable school, which will teach young adults a skill that will be useful around the globe.