Welcome to the Father’s Day Project Page.  This 6 minute promo is a good look into what Father’s Day is all about.

Father’s Day is a documentary about giving fathers a second chance at being a parent to their children and letting them tell their story, no judgement.

We All Deserve A Second Chance

Through Children’s Prayers

And The Splinters Of Time Miracles Do Exist

In a time and place

Where those Four Magic Words are heard

…I love you Daddy

The Robert Lee Rush Foundation knows that many of the youth in need of direction have lived their lives without the presence of their fathers—being left to wonder how their fathers could walk away from the responsibility of raising them. Father’s Day is a documentary and/or television series that RLRF will create, through collecting the stories of men throughout their emotional journey, what they have experienced, give them an opportunity to express their love for their children, and answer the big question, “Why?.” This project is not casting judgment—there is already enough of that in the world—instead it will help bring answers to the questions that are rarely asked in such a loving way.
The production of this documentary and/or miniseries will be valuable to the foundation in four key ways—(1) numerous young adults will have the opportunity to experience working in film making, from the production assistant role; (2) the production itself will foster a spirit of forgiveness and understanding that could be applicable to these young adults; (3) these young adults will be interviewed on camera throughout the project, and will be able to see their own growth through the production; and (4) the Robert Lee Rush Foundation will be able to promote their cause through introducing a positive documentary that deals with a tough issue in a loving way, that could break the cycle of “departing dads”.
Developing a miniseries would also feature the amazing opportunity to reunite regretful fathers with their children, moving forward from a bad situation. There is no shortage of amazing stories of difficult journeys, and RLRF looks forward to the opportunity to help tell some of those stories, as well as improving the stories by working to bring about reconciliation between fathers and children. This is an opportunity for the Robert Lee Rush to take real tragedies of broken lives, and make them positive, uplifting stories of support, love, and second chances.
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