2012 Pan Pacific Film Festival

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Funny Bunch Variety Show: Robert Lee Rush Foundation is teaming up with “Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting!” (RWE) creating a live one-hour variety show that will be a celebration of literacy by showing kids how much fun can be had with words. The show will consist of kids (ages 7-14) acting in comedy sketches, performing choreographed dance routines, and one or two songs by a celebrity singer.

Live for Music – A Shaun Barrowes Tour:

Shaun Barrowes from Fox TV’s American Idol and Stephanie Castagnier from NBC’s The Apprentice are searching for the best high school music programs to perform in concert! It’s called The Live for Music Tour, and its primary mission is to raise support for high school music and arts programs, and to give students the incredible opportunity to be featured in a professional, televised concert.

Each concert will feature performers from a host college and a couple local high schools. The tour donates up to half of all proceeds back into programs – 25% to the host college, and 25% to the high schools of the college’s choice.

In 2011 Live for Music Tour concluded a 30-city run and have sold out auditoriums in cities like Chicago, Portland, and Washington D.C.

“Now, we’re scheduling a 50 to 100-city high school tour for 2012. We’re looking for schools with a well-organized, established music program with a certain level of talent among school choirs, bands, orchestras, dance teams and other performing arts areas,” said Barrowes. “In the current climate of decreasing government funding for the arts, we hope to be able to do our part in counteracting some of the trends that are now so prevalent. As a partner who shares the same mission, we’re partnering with Robert Lee Rush Foundation to help raise the funds for the upcoming tour.”

If you would like to show your support for music and arts education in the schools, we are now accepting donations for this cause.

Shaun Barrowes is a soulful singer, songwriter, and pianoman. He was on Season 7 of American Idol, performed for Pres. George W. Bush, composed an original song for an upcoming Pepsi commercial, composed the theme song for the award-winning and top selling game “Shadow Complex” (Microsoft), placed a song in Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime), performed in an Los Angeles rock band signed by Sony Records, won the $30,000 cash prize for receiving most votes in a UK Music Contest “Slice the Pie,” opened for major acts including Brian McKnight and Janelle Monae, and he is touring the USA and Europe with his highly acclaimed Live for Music Tour.