The Robert Lee Rush Foundation is providing services for the benefit of at-risk young adults—training, mentoring, and teaching them through various programs and projects.


Training is a key aspect of RLRF, with 60% of the program being devoted here. This includes instructing participants on the basics of general contracting, as well as teaching these young adults how to be healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. In addition to this applicable knowledge for obtaining and maintaining employment, the foundation also connects these young adults with job placement.

RLRF devotes 20% of the foundation’s program to building one-on-one time with mentors working on life skills—including interpersonal skills, awareness on their role in the community, and the importance of a positive self-identity.

The last 20% of the RLRF program is built to teach participants how to bridge the knowledge and behavior in lawful activities, while discouraging participation in illegal activities. This teaching will cultivate social skills, cognitive skills, and understanding a value system. RLRF will introduce communication skills, as well as providing interviewing skills, job readiness, and teaching healthy ways to manage anger.

RLRF will develop awareness of their cause through supporting other charitable organizations in their efforts to raise funds and gain support. The Foundation will develop and utilize their planning skills and network of supporters to create events on behalf of other great causes.

In helping plan fundraisers and drive support for other charities, RLRF will simultaneously be helping other causes, while proactively demonstrating their value as a foundation. RLRF is focused on the mission of enhancing, empowering, and enriching at-risk young adults. RLRF will be increasing the means by which the foundation can support this mission—providing young adults with the resources for a positive life.

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