The Robert Lee Rush Foundation is devoted to their mission, and is working to expand their efforts through an expansion of their contributions. The Foundation has an enlightened view of what happens when young adults are given the opportunity to succeed, and believes that a donation of any kind to RLRF is a prudent contribution to the future of many at-risk young adults.

In consideration of the four key projects that the Robert Lee Rush Foundation will initiate in the near future to the benefit of participating at-risk young adults, the Foundation is seeking contributions of $1,895,000 for 2013. This collective figure is immense, yet so is the positive impact these projects will have on the lives of the participating at-risk young adults.

Financial support is a very clear need for the Foundation, yet RLRF is also very receptive to donations of any kind—especially ones applicable to the particular projects.

Donors can give any amount knowing that it will be going towards projects that will benefit at-risk young adults, but the Foundation encourages donors to direct their donations to the particular project that they feel most encouraged to support. There are four current projects that RLRF is prepared to initiate upon full receipt of funding: (1) Father’s Day; (2) Satan’s Game; (3) Solar Technician Program; (4) Marine Technology School.

(1) Father’s Day is a film production that will require $150,000 to make the documentary, and another $300,000 to produce a miniseries. RLRF has already started the pre-production efforts, but is seeking full funding of the project budget by August 2013, for immediately starting production.
(2) Satan’s Game is a film production that will require funding of $750,000 before entering into production. RLRF is seeking full funding by August 2013 in order to initiate the production of this impactful film.
(3) The Solar Technician Program is a RLRF program that will help provide the at-risk young adults with globally-useful technical skills for building a renewable future. In order to initiate these efforts, RLRF anticipates a budget of $195,000 needed to start the program, which it hopes to be starting by January 2014.
(4) The Marine Technology School is a RLRF program that will help provide the at-risk young adults with globally-useful technical skills for building a successful future. In order to start the fully-accredited school, RLRF needs $500,000 in funding. RLRF is ready to initiate operations upon receipt of full funding—with a January 2014 target date.