Who we are. The foundation was founded in 2009 to commemorate and continue the legacy of Robert Lee Rush, a prominent and successful owner of Arcadia Pool Construction. He passed away on March 24, 2009 after battling veracious lung cancer. Yet his great spirit continues to live on with his partner of life Sheila Thompson who has transformed her grievance to power to continue Mr. Rush’s legacy.


“Mr. Rush is a relentless learner and a wonderful mentor. He has a heart of a gold and is always giving and helping other who’re less fortunate or merely needing some directions or empowerment. His legacy and love are blessing that I would like to pass on to help others in need” – Sheila Thompson, Founder and President of Robert Lee Rush Foundation

What we do. Our focus is on shaping and developing the youth. The needs of the youth today are vast! To try to fill all of them would be overwhelming for one organization. To that end, we are focusing on meeting the core needs of children today. Those are their personal, internal development paths.


By enhancing young adults’ life today through education and enriching them with the tools and space to strive, our hope is to help them create and accomplish outcomes that will empower their life while avoiding negative side tracks such as substance abuses and crimes. A report by Fight Crime, a nonprofit anti-crime organization shows that increasing school graduation rates by 10 percentage points would prevent over 3,000 murders and nearly 175,000 aggravated assaults in America each year.

By empowering young adults’ life, we also hope to create new mentors and role models for the future generation.



“Give a child a fish, and he will eat for a day, maybe two. But teach the child how to fish; he will feed himself and his family all the days of his life. At Robert Lee Rush Foundation, our goal is to set rolemodels and moral standards for children to aspire to. It is our hope that we can assist them on their journey through life and lead them down the straight and narrow path to a fulfilled adulthood, thereby creating more role models for the youth” – Sheila Thompson, Founder and President of Robert Lee Rush Foundation

The Vision: RLRF believes that building a better tomorrow starts with adults coming together today to support the youth. The foundation’s namesake, Robert Lee Rush, built a legacy of providing direction and empowerment to those that are in need. RLRF seeks to build upon his vision, helping young adults not only see the good they are capable of, but also providing them with the means by which they can achieve it.
Young adults are in a pivotal time in their lives, as so many of their decisions have a profound impact on their entire future. That fact is intimidating, yet RLRF considers this to be an amazing opportunity to help define a positive life. Many young adults struggle for the motivation to learn a trade skill to develop their future. RLRF will introduce at-risk young adults with no direction to a better future, through a defined plan that will bring them the skills to compete on a global scale.